Sean Egan

Sean Egan is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana, and received his Bachelor of Music in Composition from DePaul University in 1986.

His primary focus is clarinet improvisation. His playing draws on a wide range of influences; some of his long term projects include creating an improvisational language based on twentieth-century compositional techniques, developing a synthesis of Irish traditional music and modal jazz, and incorporating the sounds of rock and electric blues into his clarinet playing.

He is currently a member of the directed improvisation collective Semiconductor, and he was a founding member of the free improvisation ensembles Rhizosphere and Gnarl, as well as the free improv/spoken word trio The Memory and Desire Project. He has worked with a number of Twin Cities arts and performing organizations, including the Bosso Poetry Company, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the James Sewell Ballet, the International Novelty Gamelan Orchestra, and In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.

Egan has also had a long career playing Irish traditional music. He has been a member of the Celtic music groups The Doon Ceili Band, The Blackbirds, Field Day, and Baal-Tinne and he is currently an instructor at The Center for Irish Music in Saint Paul.